Working At A Call Center

I was so excited to get my first job, after turning 21 I felt like I NEEDED to get out of my shell of being taken care of by my parents and branching out to do my own thing. I didn’t know anything about job hunting, I checked various websites, newspaper ads, radio and television broadcasts because I was determined to be independent. Hell, I wanted to move out at 18, lol. What I was yet to discover was that being an adult is WAY harder than your parents make it seem.

In the beginning, I was super excited about having a job because I was getting paid, I was building experience and I was networking. I am honestly very grateful for the opportunity but working at a call center is by far the most annoying, emotionally draining, frustrating thing I’ve ever had to do. Maybe having a 9-5 isn’t for everybody but how can I find a job when every employer wants the highest level of qualifications and experience? How am I supposed to build this experience fresh out of college? It’s ridiculous.

I see why so many young people try to find innovative ways to make money because trying to get a job in this era is hard and what makes it harder is the poor management of the crap company you get stuck working for. Growing up things weren’t always easy, but my parents made it seem easy to keep everything together and mask whatever issues we were facing. Bumping heads with my parents made me vow to move out at 18, finish school, find a job, an apartment, take care of myself, but boy oh boy was I wrong.

The only thing I’ve learnt is how poor, shitty and unfair working for someone else is. But until better comes along, what else can I do? I don’t know how people look down on other persons for having a certain type of job because working for someone else is horrible. Honestly, truly, I can’t wait to ignore my alarm clock and get paid on my own terms.


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