Is Your Boyfriend Your Bank?

Ladies, gentlemen, let’s chat, shall we?

I came across an exhausting debate on Twitter where both women and men voiced their opinions on if and when men should give their female companions money. Some men said that they do not give their girlfriends money because they are not a source of income, while others do not mind spending on and giving their girlfriends money, whether she asked for it or not. A few of the men who disagreed went as far as saying if he asked her to buy something at a supermarket he expects his change along with the item.

Some women disapproved saying they do not feel comfortable taking money from their boyfriends because they feel as though it gives men a sense of control over them, while other women do not mind having a companion who will financially pamper them and help them with the bills.

In all honestly, it’s not a necessity but I don’t see an issue in it. It all comes down to what you and your partner agree on in your relationship and that’s nobody’s business but your own. If you or your partner are not in a position to give your significant other a few extra coins, no problem, and if you can, still no problem.

What I have noticed is that most of the men who complained and said it’s not their duty to upkeep a woman, which in truth and in fact it is not, are the ones aiming for women who are use to a certain lifestyle that these men know they cannot maintain but pursue high maintenance women anyway! I’m absolutely positive there are a ton of women who would be happy with what you have to offer so why not aim for them? Oh, that’s right, because men tend to bash “normal” or “plain” looking women for women who look like video vixens.

Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with women who look like that, but we both know they would never give you the time of day. So, how about you stay in your lane?  If a woman wants a sugar daddy, why is it so appalling to you? I’m so very tired of people being more concerned about everybody else’s business but their own.

Many of these women are employed and in steady relationships but really, if you’re in a tight spot and can’t ask your significant other for a few coins, what are you doing? Do not wash, cook, clean, and lay with a man who can but refuses to help you if need be especially if you are not married. That’s just my take on this, feel free to comment your thoughts below.


2 thoughts on “Is Your Boyfriend Your Bank?

  1. Patrick B.

    I personally, don’t see or have a problem wit spending on a woman, but then again; I happen to like women with a sense of independence. So I’ll treat her, not necessarily on a special occasion but if it becomes habitual, her asking for this and that, then it becomes a problem. Then again, some women tend to be favorable in gender equality when it favors them. I say so to say that, a woman shouldn’t have a problem treating her man on occasion as well.
    In summary, I’ll spend money on her…for her; question is, is she appreciative or deserving of time and effort?


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