Characteristics of a Role Model

Knowing the future of our existence looks up to you is a beautiful thing, but this very thing is robbed of its beauty when perfectionism is put into play. Absolutely no one is perfect, so placing someone of a certain ranking on a pedestal and highlighting their every move only confines the person into a box of YOUR expectations.

Take for example, Malia Obama, 18- A number of remarks were made because she was recently recorded and photographed at an event being a normal teenager and having fun with her friends. Many adults took to social media to express their disappointment in her behavior and do not want their children looking up to her.

My thing is, if your child is so weak minded that he or she would copy every single thing another person does, who they do not know or have ever met, don’t you think something is wrong with the way you raised your child or the way in which your child thinks? I understand that young children like to copy super heroes and princesses but they will grow out of this stage, as a child never likes one thing for too long once they discover something else.

Why aren’t YOU your child’s role model? Why are you placing that responsibility on someone else? Why does a role model almost always have to be a famous person? Have you ever stopped to think that people do what makes them happy and not what you hope they’ll do while you watch them through the media? Why were strangers recording and videoing a person they don’t know and have never met? Oh, because she’s the President’s daughter, right? Because she’s in the eye of the media she’s supposed to act perfect only to be ridiculed by you for doing something YOU don’t approve of, right?

What were you doing at her age? Why don’t you lead a life that your children will aspire towards? Don’t get me wrong here, having a role model is fine, but perfectionism is not what most people try to portray as they go about their daily lives, so why force it on them? I didn’t have a role model when I was a child and I turned out quite fine. Save your judgement and blame your child’s ill behavior on the root of the issue.

Instill a positive mindset into your child and he or she will keep that mindset forever. Even though children do not always grow up  reflecting the way they were raised, which could play out good or bad, let’s not be so quick to judge based on what we see through the media which is controlled by someone else.


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