Breast Is Best

As a mother, you will learn that the number one way to give your child proper nourishment is by breast feeding. The skin to skin bonding process while feeding the life you brought into this world is incomparable. By maintaining a healthy diet, you create a tummy full of nutrients packed with powerful immune system enhancing mechanisms that help your little bundle of joy grow health and strong. And yet, in today’s society, breastfeeding has become so sexualized that women who do so in public are shunned.

A very young baby cannot speak, hence you cannot tell the child to “wait” for you to find somewhere appropriate to feed him or her. Sticking a boob in a baby’s mouth is one of the fastest ways to stop a baby from fussing or crying and no one likes a grumpy, crying baby. So then, tell me why in different parts of the world are women being asked by strangers to “move” or “leave” areas as simple as a park bench for breastfeeding their child?

Were you not breastfed as a child? Who are you to look down on women who breastfeed their children in public? How is it bothering you? Would you like some milk? Women have been oversexualized so much over the years that taking a breast out in public is a cry for attention and showing little to no self pride. Discriminating against a mother who is only trying to take care of her child by providing one of the most basics needs, food, should in no way, shape or form be an issue.

A child walking past a woman breastfeeding her baby will only think of it as such, so why then do you, a grown man think its immoral? There are many lessons to be learned from or children.


4 thoughts on “Breast Is Best

  1. Jessica Meinhofer

    I breastfed both my children. I did it at the library, in restaurants, and even in church. It was a beautiful thing. Love this article. It is such an amazing thing for both mother and child.


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