Back To My Roots

I had processed/permed hair for about 6 years before I got bored and decided to chop it all off. First to my shoulders, then into a mohawk to finally transitioning from permed to natural. As my hair grew out I’d clip the processed ends off until all my hair was completely natural. I must say I missed my natural hair so much and love watching it grow now. Many women have decided to stop perming their hair and did a big chop to grow their natural hair back from scratch. I’m all for helping my sisters, so here are some tips and tricks I learned from experience in case you need help!

1. Just Do It!

If your hair is damaged or if you’re tired of getting burned by hair creme don’t be afraid to cut your hair. Keeping damaged ends will only prolong the damage and make your hair weaker.

2. You Don’t Have To Do The Big Chop, You Can Transition

Sometimes, the big chop isn’t the right move. Women have done it and regretted it. If you don’t think you’ll feel comfortable being bald then feel free to let your hair grow out and gradually get your ends trimmed.

3. Contrary To Popular Belief, Maintaining Natural Hair Is Expensive

Girl, I thought having natural hair meant going to the hair salon less and spending less money! You better save that salon money to buy your products! Not all brands are expensive, but you’ll need to buy a lot of different products to help your hair healthy. My favorite brand that I swear by is Creme of Nature with Argan Oil from Morocco. There products smell amazing and make my hair feel the same. Very cost efficient and each set lasts for a good three months or so, depending on how often you use them.

4. Protective Styles Are Your New Bestfriends!

Its best not to constantly touch your hair, give it space and let it breath. I love doing twist outs and getting braids, keeping them for three weeks and them pulling them out to give my hair a break for a week or too. This way I don’t always have to worry about combing it.

5. Deep Condition Into Oblivion

I absolutely love deep conditioning my hair! I probably do it a little too much, lol! Deep conditioning your hair is a great way to treat it and allow it to retain some moisture after stripping it with shampoo. If your girlfriend doesn’t run out of conditioner before shampoo, she ain’t doing something right.

6. Keep Your Hair Moisturized 

Major key, moisture. It may not look dry to you but when the sun hits it, giirrrlll. Always, always, always moisturize your hair. Don’t question me, just do it! Light weight products are the best to use because they don’t weigh down your hair and aren’t too thick to cause dirt and dust particles to get stuck in it

7. You Still Need To Trim Your Ends

Just because your hair isn’t bone straight, doesn’t mean it can’t break. You still need to get your ends clipped every couple of months to retain length and get rid of any damage, especially if you’re still using heat on your hair.

8. Things Take Time

Do not rush the process, everyone is different and hair grows only half an inch a month. Don’t over use products and stress yourself, and in turn your hair because you don’t think its growing fast enough. This is about having natural, healthy hair. Drinking a lot of water, exercising, using natural oils that stimulate hair growth, and eating greener foods and salmon is said to help boost the speed at which hair grows, in case you were wondering.

I hope I educated a few of my sisters and if you know of any other tips and tricks, feel free to comment below and help another sister out.


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