Suddenly, everyone is aware of the issues at hand. Suddenly, everyone is vocally active. Suddenly, everyone is “woke”. It is a down right shame to live in an era where freedom of speech is abused, where there’s a google quote for every situation and everyone swears that by posting lengthy Instagram captions, they are familiar with the way of the world.

Unfortunately everyone has a right to an opinion, no matter how stupid, to say the least, that it is. People abuse the underlying power of social media and would rather hashtag mere words than actually try to help issues that hit home. Not everyone can help, but those who can should try. We are on God’s green earth to give and receive love, yet we abuse the ones who love us and chase after those who do not wish us well.

There is an evident tip in life’s scale of balance, just look around you, look at everything that is happening in the world. Some people describe it as the end of our time, that God is coming back for his world. If this is true, what will you be doing? Will you die adding fuel to the fire?

I understand that public figures and celebrities have a huge following that does not mean that we should depend on them to speak up for us! If we come together for the greater good our voices WILL be heard! Then the conflict presents itself where persons pressure public figures and celebrities to speak up and bash them if they don’t, yet these same persons bash these very public figures and celebrities if they do speak up! Make up small minds!

And then there are those who debate that persons are not addressing all the issues happening in the world, but only the ones happening in certain countries. Since you know of other unlawful acts, other gruesome attacks on the innocent, why don’t YOU speak on them? Why don’t YOU raise awareness? Why do YOU only address these things to prove an arrogant point?

There is a war going on, deeper than we can see. By the time the rest of you notice this it will be too late. Is it then that you’ll really wake up?



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