Period Hacks Every Female Should Know

Yup, not a topic the males want to hear about but I’m pretty sure the one thing every female has in common is the HATE for their menstrual cycles. Guys may think its “not so bad” or think its cute to blame certain behavior on periods but its actually one of the most terrible things I’ve ever had to experience for the past decade! So, to help out my fellow sisters, here are some hacks that may help you fight back when its that time of the month.

1. Use a Period App to Track Your Cycle

¬†¬†Though these apps may not always be 100% on point, its good to know the time frame in which “dooms day” could happen. Your period may be a day or two early or late but recording the days and symptoms with the app helps you to determine when your period will start and how long it will last. You can record and compare each month’s cycle and symptoms with one of the many easy to use apps such as my personal favorite, Period Diary, among others.

2. Bring a Period Kit

I know this may sound a little weird, but every female should have one! Keep a period kit in your bag at all times because accidents happen and your cycle will change over time. All you need is a small pouch that can fit into your bag of choice and within this pouch you should have essentials such as a sanitary pad or tampon, clean cotton underwear, wipes or tissue and a disposable plastic bag. This way if you have an accident you can easily grab your pouch and get to the nearest bathroom.

3. Take Pain Medication a Day or Two BEFORE the Expected Start Date

Don’t wait until you’re bent in bed, throwing up last night’s dinner and crying before attempting to do something about the pain. If you’re like me and suffer from¬†Dysmenorrhea ( a fancy word for painful periods), then you know prevention is better than a cure! Take a pill or two before your menstrual cycle starts in order to keep the pain to a minimum or to prevent it all together.

4. Drink Tea or Use a Heating Pad

Ginger tea soothes my stomach and keeps the nausea at bay! Mints or small pieces of candy can also help. If you don’t have an actual heating pad then get creative and put some hot water in a bottle, wrap it in a blanket and hold it against your tummy to help ease the pain.

5. Smoke a Joint

Okay, okay, before you raise your eyebrows and call the cops, smoking marijuana also helps to relieve cramps. Don’t knock it till you try it!

6. Exercising

Believe it or not, a part from the obvious health benefits, getting off your lazy butt and exercising for at least 20 minutes a day can dramatically decrease the amount of pain raining down on your uterus, if you feel any pain at all. I’m not saying hit the gym, but doing some simple exercise moves around your home for a few minutes a day can really help you out when its that time.

7. Take Birth Control Pills

Not everyone likes this option because of the side effects of taking birth control long term, but it helps! Birth control stabilizes your cycle for those of us with irregular period patterns and some also help with pain and other symptoms that tag along with the devil poking your uterus with his pitch fork. Please consult with your doctor BEFORE trying this method.

These hacks have helped me more times than I can remember! If you know of any others, feel free to comment so our fellow sisters can get help.



Suddenly, everyone is aware of the issues at hand. Suddenly, everyone is vocally active. Suddenly, everyone is “woke”. It is a down right shame to live in an era where freedom of speech is abused, where there’s a google quote for every situation and everyone swears that by posting lengthy Instagram captions, they are familiar with the way of the world.

Unfortunately everyone has a right to an opinion, no matter how stupid, to say the least, that it is. People abuse the underlying power of social media and would rather hashtag mere words than actually try to help issues that hit home. Not everyone can help, but those who can should try. We are on God’s green earth to give and receive love, yet we abuse the ones who love us and chase after those who do not wish us well.

There is an evident tip in life’s scale of balance, just look around you, look at everything that is happening in the world. Some people describe it as the end of our time, that God is coming back for his world. If this is true, what will you be doing? Will you die adding fuel to the fire?

I understand that public figures and celebrities have a huge following that does not mean that we should depend on them to speak up for us! If we come together for the greater good our voices WILL be heard! Then the conflict presents itself where persons pressure public figures and celebrities to speak up and bash them if they don’t, yet these same persons bash these very public figures and celebrities if they do speak up! Make up small minds!

And then there are those who debate that persons are not addressing all the issues happening in the world, but only the ones happening in certain countries. Since you know of other unlawful acts, other gruesome attacks on the innocent, why don’t YOU speak on them? Why don’t YOU raise awareness? Why do YOU only address these things to prove an arrogant point?

There is a war going on, deeper than we can see. By the time the rest of you notice this it will be too late. Is it then that you’ll really wake up?