Living or Simply Existing?

Have you put much thought into which one you’re doing? I know my life may not be the most exciting but I do strive to enjoy it until my time is up. Many people are not aware that they are unhappy, or stagnant, stuck in a routine that they can’t afford to break free from because they do not know what awaits them. But isn’t that a chance you should be willing to take?

There have been many times that I’ve been extremely thankful for doing things on impulse because if I waited until I was ready, I’d never be ready. Looking back, whether the result was good or bad, though more than half the time it was good, I was happy I took the chance I did. I’ve made amazing memories which I cherish and in the moment I was happier than I had ever been before. A feeling of pure bliss and enchantment that does not happen everyday but when it does, it makes a huge difference.

How many of us know people who are merely existing but are not living? How many of us are doing this ourselves? Too many people are walking blank slates without a drop of paint, a blank page with no notes, blank material with no thread. We hear but we do not listen, we speak to reply but not to understand, our family and friends dictate our lives, trying to live through us, criticizing us along the way but are you happy living like this?

Today, I challenge you to do something spontaneous, pack your bags, take a trip and disappear. Do something you’ve always wanted to, experience life. Once you get a taste of life’s high, you’ll know where you stand with your inner peace. Do not be constrained by the woes of life. Now, answer this question, are you living or simply existing?


2 thoughts on “Living or Simply Existing?

  1. Kajeé Grant

    Most people have difficulties at living because they are truly amateurs at living. The problem really is that people are too busy focusing on achieving long term goals in preparation to settle down to live their lives. By the time one is finished schooling one’s self it is too late to enjoy life. But one should think of the human body as a machine with the brain being the most informative feature. The brain ONLY controls your body but expression comes from the soul. The brain is just an instrument meaning that you can control what you want to do with it by learning. So if you want to live your life, you should train your mind to live.


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