The Teacher

Throughout my lifetime it seems I have been blessed with a curse to add to other people’s lives while wasting mine. I’ve always been the shoulder to lean on, an amazing lover and friend and yet I always end up alone.

I’m tired of my path intertwining with temporary people who always make me feel as if I was better off without them yet they always make it known to me how good I am and how I helped them. But where is my help? My shoulder to lean on? My permanent?

When will I meet someone who means what they say for more than the moment? Who’s actions match their words? Why am I always the one who has to give themselves in order to help someone else become better just so they can leave?

I guess all students have to move on, but I’m tired of being the teacher and for once would like to be taught. I do deserve that much, to finally connect to someone who will make me realize why everyone else was a waste of time.

I’m told that everything you go through is either a blessing or a lesson, but I never received a lesson I found useful when it involves intimate relationships. Where is my blessing?  Why must I endure the hardship after giving so much only to be left behind as easily as I was found?

I’ve been patient for long enough and the hour glass of life may soon run out, sincerely, the teacher.


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