Black Is Beautiful

I am not here for false praise and surely don’t need your recognition to identify my self value. I am a beautiful black woman, the daughter of a king and queen, the sister of a prince, and a soon to be queen, mother, wife, one of the many miracles of life.

Many women of color are categorized into different shades as if we are not all black. It is not a compliment to say to me that I am “pretty for a black girl” or to ask me “What are you mixed with?” I am black, point blank period and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I embrace people from all walks of life yet persons seem to associate being black with all things bad because the minds of our people have been poisoned for centuries and many may not notice and it is not slight and I do not understand why people think that this is right.

What’s so wrong with the melanin in my skin and the golden glow and strength that it brings? Light skin, caramel, chocolate or brown skin and black? The outsiders have gotten into our mental homes and led us to separate and go against each other as if being of a lighter shade, anything further away from black is what is ideal.

I do not wish to be praised on social media over another trend because when trends die I will still be who I am, forever and always, a carefree, unapologetic black girl with her charms, skills, and brain. Beneath the flesh we are all human beings, created in the image of our father, the supreme one, God, whichever name you may choose. So, what could I possibly have to lose in embracing who am I?

Black is beautiful, my black is beautiful, black women are beautiful, and if you cannot see this and break free from the poisonous way of thinking that has been shoved down your throats then you are not the beholder in which beauty lies in his eyes.