Give To Get Respect

All my life there has always been a female who hates me solely because of a guy and as usual, her brainless friends will hate me solely because their friend does. Throwing insults at someone who has done nothing to you but you’d rather feed into the lies he tells you. One too many females would prefer to fight or insult another woman when her man is the problem. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been slandered by another female over her cheating boyfriend who did not make it known that he was already in a relationship. I’ve been labelled a Christian, a saint, quiet, a whore, a broke bitch, ugly, a skinny twig, among so many other things and why you may ask? Because a female would rather throw subliminal messages than confront her cheating man.

I’ve never had to confront another female over a guy in my life and I most certainly will not start now. I prefer to be alone than to be stuck on stupid and chase a man that does nothing but lie, use me for attention and sex then continue to date other people while leaving me to look stupid. You can’t imagine how many of these types of females I’ve met. I’ve had female “friends” who, instead of coming to me directly because they may have heard something or I may have done something to offend them, would prefer to run and tell everybody but me what is going on, often times people they only know via social media. Then when push comes to shove and they realized that I did nothing wrong they want to apologize, but see honey, I don’t play those games.

Come to me as the grown woman you claim to be or don’t come to me at all. Instead of trying to tear down your fellow woman to make yourself feel better when in fact you only look more pathetic and desperate, how about you give to get respect? If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything. Why not try to uplift your fellow sisters instead of spreading rumors to break them down? Why not empower each other with the truth and rise to be better than you have ever been? Women argue about equality and feminism all day on social media but are the most quick to use their tongue to hurt another of their own. If the words you spoke would be imprinted on your skin, would you be more careful of the things you say? Would you want people to know that your soul is that UGLY? I would prefer to be cut by the truth than comforted with a lie because I will heal, and I will be better.

Its even more hilarious when these same people try to befriend you after slandering you. Respect must be earned and must come from YOU and not from a place of attention seeking. Women have had to fight for too many things in this world, why can’t we all come together to make it a little easier on ourselves?


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